ABC Termite & Pest control, "Sentricon II" proven Termite Eradication & Control with the "Sentricon II" proven Termite Eradication and Control System. 

The "Dow Agrosciences" "Sentricon II" Advanced Termite Eradication and Control System, was firs introduced in 1995 when Legislation changed the laws regarding chemicals their strengths and most importantly that they must be fully depleted within five years of installation. This means that in most parts of Australia with the Monsoon rains and seasonal flooding, most chemical systems are lucky to last a season before being compromised.and need replacing in less than 5 years  

The "Sentricon II" system is a Proven  Colony Eliminator, no just a termite worker deterrent. The "Sentricon" System  Eliminates the Colony and protects your home from termites now in the present and in the future, eliminating the Queen, unlike any other system available and never needs reinstalling. A true future SAVING

With ABC Termite & Pest Control's low cost backup service, consistently monitoring for threat of termite attack and immediate treatment when activity is detected, the Colony is destroyed before it can cause damage to your property and can be proven, This is why you will always know your home is safe, knowing  what is going on, with your own personal monitoring records giving you added peace of mind. 

For the average 3/4 bedroom home to the mini Mansion there is little additional expense with ABC Termite & Pest Control service, even for larger homes.

The Sentricon system is Environmentally friendly, Safe for The Family, safe for the family pets and your environment and non toxic, The "Sentricon" system is assuredly the least expensive, Proven serviceable option available to you today.

Contact ABC Termite & Pest Control service today and never need to worry about "TERMITES" again.

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