ABC Termite and Pest Control, TERMITE CONTROL                                                                                 Current statistics show that at least 1 in 3 homes in Australia at risk of a Termite problems.  ABC Termite & Pest Control offer three choices of Termite Treatment The choice of protection against Termite Attack is a combination of methods, depending on the site and situation.The three industry options of choice to deal with Termites after construction, are all with varying opinions and competences of application. 

(Option one),

Liquid Chemicals.historically have been the barrier for defence and protection. However, the change to legislation in1995 has left the liquid chemicals less than as efficient as prior to the changes. The changes have left the chemicals to be considered nothing more than a temporary disturbance to the foraging workers. Although Chemical treatments are still more suited to some applications, However, they do need replacing with less than assurable abilities..


(Option two),

Includes the use of a combination of liquid chemicals and an external inground monitoring barrier system. This is the choice of many who probably have experienced that chemicals alone have not work as they used to and hope the bait traps will aid and gives the option of being less disruptive, while adding expense. they are still considered to be of dubious ability.


(Option three)

A stand alone in ground monitoring barrier system and monitoring program. The choices are as complexed with result as there are many.  . 


Efficiency of each & how these methods work: 



With option one, Liquid Chemicals as a barrier, there is little if any ability to measure the success and generally there is little if any monitoring of the system even when the properties is under attack by termites. While there is the need for the termite nest to be located in most cases the nest is impossible to locate, therefore it is difficult to assuredly claim the nest or infestation has successfully been eradicated after treatment. Rather, invading workers have been moved on and will return.



With the second option, the approach except for the additional use of a general monitor barriers as well as Liquid Chemical treatment with an initial dusting, this mostly is the same as the first approach. Nest needs locating to assure if treatment has succeeded and can also remains questionable, with varying levels of monitoring if any. 



The service,provided by ABC Termite & Pest Control "Advanced Termite Control" Termites Eradication and Control Systems. biological Targets the Termite nest, not just the foraging workers and soldiers, this works even though we might have no knowledge or idea where the nest is, there for we do not need to know where the

nest is. The nest cannot escape our treatment and it is monitored for it's demise, Regular monitoring is the secret to our customers security and our success.

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