ABC Termite and Pest Control, Termite Inspection Service

ABC Termite and Pest Control Service, provides a complete and instructive termite inspection, with a thorough and comprehensive report on the condition of your home, factory, investment unit or block.


From just $150 for termite inspection

$200 for Inspection with written report which will usually take between 1hr to 2hrs dependent on the house size.


ABC Termite and Pest Control have a wide range of tools at hand to give you the most comprehensive inspection report, with not only just the use of our eyes and ears.

We also use the Termatrac, a local Queensland enitative tool, which gives us the capability to test for Thermal tracking, abnormal Moisture as well as Movement. This gives us 3 very positive testing tools in the one machine.

not just the singular result of our observations or hearing. 

We do also use the conventional and stayed method of sounding with our tapper, to ensure and provide the tried tested and proven methods of detection which can be an aid if activity has passed and is a strong back up, so that you can feel secure when we go to make your report, we have not second guessed any of our inspection.


more information on the Termatrac T3i